Sunday, February 22, 2015


Trying to keep up with 3 blogs is a little crazy-right.
You would think that it wouldn't be to hard. But for me, it is.
I realized that I posted Braden's email and ours on my preschool blog.
Hum, don't think they need to know about that-do they?
I guess I need to be a little more careful about which blog I am actually blogging on and make sure it is the right one before I post the blog.

The up side is that we only have 3 months until Elder Erickson returns home and I will be down to two blogs. I'm sure that will be easier, on me at least.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ethan-no more braces

Ethan finally got his braces off after 2+ years. His teeth are ver nice and straight now.  

He has two permanent retainers, upper and lower. The only cover the front few teeth.
He has clear retainers for all of the teeth that he has to wear every night.
The gave him a yummy caramel apple to eat. Yeah, no more cutting apples to eat and YES caramel.
He says it feel weird and his teeth feel so smooth.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mother Goose Time curriculum

I just want to give a shout out for Mother Goose Time curriculum. I have been using in my Preschool classes for 5 years.
I love it because it covers so many different learning experiences.  It covers every area needed to learn and grow.
We just got done learning about Dinosaurs. We even took a field trip to the Dinosaur Museum here in Lehi.  The kids all had a blast.
If you would like to follow along on our adventures go to my preschool blog by clicking the link on the right called Leapz and Boundz Preschool. This is were I will be posting from now on.

The best part about the curriculum, for me as a teacher, is most of the prep work for art projects is already done. And the monthly teacher guide is easy to follow and use.

Here are some pic's of our field trip ...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Starting again

So, it has been quit awhile since I have blogged on the family blog. Most of what is happening has been posted on Braden's blog. But so much is happening that I guess it is time to start this one up again.

Paige is off to college at BYU Idaho and loving it. Even thought it has been very cold. She gets along with all of her roommates . And because she tool our Wii with her, they are the happening place when classes are over.

Hope had her tonsils and adenoids out. She had extra adenoid tissue so she came out of surgery with a few extra sore spots.  The poor thing was pretty touchy for about 10, yes, 10 days.  She is her happy self now.

We have struggled with her for about 6 months to go to primary on her own. But she just won't do it.  So, when the new year came around we made a big deal out of getting new teachers and she should go and show them how reverent she could sit. Guess what, she has the same teacher.  So, of course all of that was for not.  I came up with another plan that she could be anchorage of the kids in her class and see how reverent they are and then give them a treat when class was over. I bought a bag of dumb dumb suckers and sent some with her. It worked. She stayed in class by herself.  This week however was Stake Conference. We'll have to see how things go next week.

As part of the Stake Relief Society Presidency, I got to help make and serve dinner to the Stake Presidency, their wives and Elder Ence (probably spelt wrong) and his wife, dinner last night in-between the Stake meetings.  Everything went smoothly and clean up was even fast and easy. I guess, after 2 years of experience of serving other meals both big and small has paid off.

Stake conference was great as usual.  Our stake theme this year is Reverence for sacred things brings faith in Jesus Christ. What a great thing to focus on this year.